High School Girls Soccer Team Penalized for Displaying Support of Equal Pay on Uniform

A girl’s high school soccer team in Burlington, Vermont was penalized for wearing shirts displaying support for equal pay, inspired by the U.S. Women’s Soccer team’s fight to close the pay gap between male and female soccer teams.

According to the league’s rules, the Burlington High School girl's soccer team broke the rule of wearing uniforms with a slogan printed on during a game. The girls sought the help of the advocacy group Change the Story to make the shirts as part of a bigger campaign.

The #EqualPay Nike jerseys have received more than 500 orders with the boy’s soccer team supporting the movement and Senator Patrick Leahy and his wife wearing the shirts in a twitter post supporting the girls. 

The jerseys cost $25, with men having the option to buy them for $4.80 or 15% more, addressing the current pay disparity. The money raised goes to helping diversify the Greater Burlington Girls Soccer League, addressing transportation issues preventing girls from participating.

The Realist Woman’s take:

How amazing are these girls? And how awesome is their community to support this fight for equality? The next generation of girls should not be underestimated.