Let’s Give Back to Our Mamas

This Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some of my favorite charities that support mothers and their children. These charities include:

Texas Diaper Bank: Supports mothers and their need for basic baby supplies.

National Bailout: Money donated to this organization helps to bail out mothers with their Free Black Mamas initiative and fights to end pre-trial detention.

Circle of Health: Works for and supports women and their children based on need in local communities.

Global Fund Women: Fights for women’s sexual and reproductive rights, freedom from violence and economic justice.

Charity Water: Provides clean water for mothers, children and all who live in developing countries.

March of Dimes: Long-serving advocates for the health of premature babies and their mothers, as well as provide resources for life-saving research.

Equality Now: Fights for the protection of human rights for women and girls on a global scale.

Planned Parenthood: Helps moms on their journey into motherhood and helps millions of women take control of their sexual and reproductive lives.

If you are blessed to be able to donate, please do so. If you’re not in a position to help out right now, that's fine. But keep these organizations in mind for a future donation.

I also wanted to acknowledge those that are usually left out on a cultural scale on Mother’s Day.

To those who are estranged from their mothers, or whose mothers have passed on, live thousands of miles away, never knew their mothers but have beautiful mother figures, for those whose mothers are incarcerated or whose journeys have separated them from their children, or are having trouble becoming mothers due to fertility issues, just know that you are thought about by those of us who know what a blessing it is to have wonderful mothers in our lives.

We have compassion for you and pray that you are blessed with the same unconditional and eternal love that we have come to know. We don’t get to choose our families, but we do get to choose the kind of people that are around us and I hope that on a day like Mother’s Day, you get to be around people who sincerely love and adore you.