Women’s Groups Demand Fair Media Coverage of Female Candidates

Women’s rights and advocacy groups have come together to demand fair coverage of female presidential candidates by the mainstream media whose coverage thus far they've described as sexist.

Groups including Emily’s List, the National Organization of Women, Color of Change and She the People addressed the media in a letter highlighting the historic number of women running in the Democratic primary for the upcoming 2020 presidential election and the lack of fair coverage as compared to their male counterparts.

The letter’s demands include ensuring half of all town hall debates are moderated by women, making sure male candidates discuss women’s issues like reproductive rights, sexism, and sexual assault and ask the press to cover women candidates as seriously as they cover men.

The Realist Woman’s take:

It was the right move on the part of these women’s groups to coalesce for this letter. They’re asking to be seen, heard and to be treated equally.

But as hopeful as I am for women’s fight for equality, even at the level of presidential candidates, these demands aren’t going to be met. Unless these women mention Trump, the media is going to continue to give them less air time, which means less exposure and less opportunity in the end.

The mainstream media is sexist and will remain so throughout and beyond this next election cycle.