Ohio and Alabama Lose Their Minds

In it’s-nobody’s-business-what-a-woman-does-with-her-body news, Ohio passed a ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy and Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey just signed a bill to ban all abortions and criminalize the doctors who perform them.

By the way, I wanted to make sure I spelled out the governor of Alabama’s name to point out how women can and have been complicit in denying women their reproductive rights. Back to the story.

Both states are being sued with Alabama’s bill challenging Roe v. Wade, making way for a Supreme Court hearing. I expect these laws to be struck down due to the fact that women will never stop fighting for their reproductive rights. I believe the constitution protects a woman’s right to determine what’s best for her, her body and her health.

The ACLU is on both of these cases. Click here to donate if you can. This fight is going to go on for a long time. They need the funds to do the fighting.