Mumbai Female Police Gain Access to Luxury Bollywood Vanity Vans

Female police officers in Mumbai are being given access to Bollywood vanity vans to refresh themselves during their long shifts which last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. The women are patrolling the streets for lockdown offenders. as Mumbai has the highest infection rates in the country with 6,500 cases of COVID-19.

With the Bollywood industry shut down during this pandemic, filmmakers and charities such as Project Mumbai teamed up to donate the vans for free, employing those from industry to drive and clean the vans.

Prior to the pandemic, female police officers used nearby restaurants and hotels to use the restrooms, but since they've closed, the women resorted to drinking very little water to avoid having to use the restroom. They can now use the vans, which are equipped with restrooms stocked with sanitary pads, soaps, and hand sanitizers. The vans also have beds for rest and cookies.

Of the 13,000 police officers on patrol, about 20% of them are women. The vans are parked by busy roads and highways for female officers' use.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Women need this kind of support always, but as the months are about to get warmer in Mumbai, female police officers need all of the rest and refreshment they can get. They are working 12 to 24 hours each shift and it’s great to know me they haven’t been forgotten. Their working conditions deserved to be acknowledged and they deserve to be pampered.