Stalking Claims in U.K. Increase As Perpetrators Harass Quarantined Women

Multiple anti-stalking charities in the U.K. report an increase in calls from women quarantined and isolated due to the coronavirus lockdown. Victims say they are being harassed through social media, email, messaging apps, and physical stalking.

Anti-stalking service Paladin said requests for help have increased by 40% since the national lockdown on March 23rd. 

Chairwoman of Paladin Rachel Horman said of this issue, “Stalking is premeditated and is extremely dangerous behavior.” She added, “I have clients who say to me they feel like sitting ducks.”

Katy Bourne, chairwoman of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, called the coronavirus lockdown a “stalkers paradise.” She said usually stalkers would have to go to work, but with the lockdown in place, they have “24 hours a day to obsess over their victims.”

As a victim of stalking herself, Bourne is advocating for a national register of stalkers and domestic violence abusers and said it makes “absolute sense to monitor them. They are serial offenders. If they stop abusing one person they don’t just give up, they will then focus on somebody else and it goes on and on." 

According to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, every year nearly 1.5 million people are victims of stalking in England and Wales.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Not only did I not realize stalking was happening, I hadn’t even thought of such a thing taking place during this time of a pandemic. 

People are already suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and financially during this crisis. And then stalking has to be added to the list? It’s awful.


I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this in my posts, but there is an entitlement issue here with certain men in our society. A register of stalkers and domestic violence abusers is necessary.