Native Women’s Equal Pay Day Addresses Pay Disparities

According to the National Women’s Law Center, native women will lose $997,000 less over the course of their careers due to the pay gap, almost identical to the amount black women lose over a lifetime of work. For women of color, the pay gap isn't an empty feminist debate, it's a detrimental reality affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions of women.

In an article for on how the pay gap negatively affects native women, Native American Representative Deb Haaland revealed native women have to work 22 months to earn the same amount of money a white male earns in one year. She wrote about the hardships native women face economically and how the current political landscape isn't lifting a finger to lighten their loads. This past week commemorated Native Women's Equal Pay Day, and I encourage you to learn more about the struggle of our native women and Rep. Haaland's recommendations to address these disparities.

Rep. Haalnd on pay gap for native women

To contact Rep. Haaland's office on how best to help advocate for native women's equal pay, click here