Indonesia Lifts Age to Marry For Brides Ending Child Marriage

In an effort to end child marriage, the Indonesian government recently lifted the minimum age for brides from 16 years old to 19. This ends 45 of child marriage as a law in the country.

One in four girls is married in Indonesia before they’re 18 years of age. The country stands as one of the top 10 countries with the highest number of child brides. This latest ruling should change that with the court deciding marriage for women shouldn’t be younger than the legal age for men to marry, which is age 19.

According to the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Yohana Yembsie, child marriage in Indonesia is responsible for maternal and infant deaths, as well as child labor. Girls Not Brides, a global partnership working to end child marriage, reports over 650 million women alive today were married as children, with 12 million girls married before the age of 18 annually.

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The Realist Woman’s take:

Indonesia is an extremely traditional, Muslim majority country and for the courts to decide to end child marriage is remarkable. I hope this law expands to other countries where child marriage is still considered acceptable. With one in five girls forced into marriage on a global scale, this issue to be tackled with urgency.