Placido Domingo Resigns From The Met After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Opera singer Placido Domingo has resigned from the Metropolitan Opera, a month after 20 women accused him of sexual misconduct. Domingo announced his resignation the night before his scheduled performance on opening night.

This was the singer’s 51st year at the Met and in a statement expressed his gratitude for his long run in the theater, and denied the allegations against him. “While I strongly dispute the recent allegations made about me, and I am concerned about a climate in which people are condemned without due process, upon reflection I believe that my appearance in this production of ‘Macbeth’ would distract from the hard work of my colleagues both onstage and behind the scenes,” Domingo said in his statement. 

Domingo said he asked the Met to withdraw, while in their own statement, The Met confirmed that the singer “agreed to withdraw from all future performances effective immediately.” Domingo’s scheduled performances at the San Francisco Opera and the Philadelphia Orchestra were canceled due to the allegations against him.

The Associated Press broke the story, reporting on claims of the singer using his power and influence to force women into engaging in sexual relations and if his requests were denied, the women claimed they experienced retribution as a result. The AP spoke with mezzo-soprano Patricia Wulf who said she was harassed by Domingo and feared walking to her car from work alone. “He’s an incredible artist, a great performer. I just have absolutely no respect for him as a man,” said Wulf to the Associated Press. 

The Realist Woman’s take:

You don’t have to be an opera aficionado to know who Placido Domingo is. The man’s a legend. But in this #MeToo era, even legends are not exempt from facing the consequences of their actions. His resignation isn’t the end. I believe lawsuits are coming his way. Powerful men have been able and are still getting away with sexual misconduct but we as a society are taking them down one by one. Women shouldn’t have to endure sexual harassment or be pressured into sexual relationships with powerful men to keep a job. 

There’s no real equality in the workplace. Women aren’t treated as equals, aren't paid as equals or are considered as equals in society so the workplace is just another space for toxic behavior. Men have been enabled to harm women and their careers for much too long. Our culture is toxic and in desperate need of change.