Parents Pay Sons More for Chores than Daughters Study Finds

According to a new study, parents pay their sons more money in weekly allowances for chores than they pay their daughters. Kid chore and payment app BusyKid collected data from the 10,000 families that use the app. They not only found out boys were being paid more than girls, but that boys were receiving larger bonuses than girls and generally earn double that of daughters.

The CEO of BusyKid told CNN Money that one for the reasons behind the gender wage gap might be due to the types of chores boys and girls are performing. He said boys might have to mow the lawn which is considered a tough job and can take three hours, while girls might have to clean the bathroom. He added that parents are possibly giving kids jobs based on their gender, and thus there being a difference in pay scale.

Romper originally published this story and quoted Sociology Professor and Author of the book, “The Cost of Being a Girl,” Yasemin Besen-Cassino saying that girls are not expected to ask for raises. She told DiversityInc., “We put this extra pressure on girls, especially the ones who do care work, that the money is in opposition to care. That would translate to chores as well, that they would be seen as not helping the family. The minute something is monetized for women, it’s not seen as loving and caring and being a team player.”

While this study shows how early the wage gap can start, the realities are pay disparities will only continue for those young girls who will grow up to become working women. According to the National Association of University Women, on average, working women take home about 80 cents to every dollar a man earns. The statistics only get worse from there. Working moms earn 71 cents to every dollar a working dad earns. Single mothers earn 57 cents for every dollar a dad makes. And breaking pay disparities down by race reveals white moms make 65 cents to a dad’s dollar, African-American moms earn 51 cents, latin mothers earn 46 cents, Native American moms earn 49 cents, while Asian American and Pacific Islander moms earn 85 cents to a dad’s dollar.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Not gonna lie. I had no idea anything like this was going on. It’s disappointing to find out that parents are reinforcing the gender pay gap in their own homes. I honestly don’t think parents realize they are awarding their sons more for household chores than they are their daughters.

This story should be a real eye-opener to the many parents who participate in paying their kids for work. I believe they are doing their best raising their kids and are trying to teach them the value of a dollar by making them work for it instead of just freely giving their kids money. But I hope they realize that the wage gap cannot change if we don’t first teach our kids about equality in earnings at home.

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