Paris Protesters Call on Government to Help in Ending Violence Against Women

The streets of Paris recently saw protesters calling on their government to take preventive measures from men killing women after more than 70 were killed this year by former partners, spouses, and boyfriends.

Protestors are demanding more shelters for abused women, tougher restraining orders against abusive men and a specialist in the area of domestic abuse against women made available in every police station. Government officials have stated they will address this issue and pass measures that fulfill the concerns of the public regarding the violence.

The Realist Woman’s take:

I’m not well versed on the violence against women in France but I’m sure a google search will give me a plethora of horrific facts. Violence against women is a global crisis. I’m glad that in this day and age, women are more vocal about the violence and demand their governments pass measures holding those responsible for the violence, men, accountable.

We do have a toxic masculinity problem in this world. Not all men, but too many, feel entitled to a woman’s attention, her time, her body, and so on. They want to control women. They only know how to express themselves in violent ways and are enabled by a world that allows them to get away with this nonsense. 

Governments have a responsibility to their people and hopefully, French politicians use their power and platforms to educate the public on ways to help these violent men and pass measures to hold them accountable.