Philadelphia Primary Elects First Woman for Sheriff

The city of Philadelphia just elected former Police Officer Rochelle Bilal in the city’s Democratic primary election for Sheriff. She beat incumbent, Jewell Williams by more than 22,000 votes.

In the event she wins the general election, the 61-year-old announced her plan to implement a sexual harassment policy her first day on the job. Incumbent Williams faced three sexual harassment lawsuits against him in the last year, ultimately hurting his chances of winning a third term.

Bilal is expected to win the election in the fall as no Republican campaigned for the position in the primaries. Her background includes serving as president of the Guardian Civic League, a group that represents black police officers and she served as secretary of the city’s NAACP chapter.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Should she win in November, Rochelle Bilal has the tough job of restoring the office of Sheriff to something the people of Philadelphia respect. Her predecessor drove up the budget and was too involved in one shameful sexual harassment scandal after another to serve the people of this city. Let’s root for Bilal to undo the damage done by her predecessor.