Investigative Report Says Pregnant Migrants Are Shackled

According to an investigative report by Rewire.News, the U.S. Marshall Service is shackling pregnant migrants.

The news service spoke to a legal coordinator for an El Paso, Texas non-profit that provides shelter and services for migrants, as well as an OB-GYN who treats migrant women and they both reported almost all of the women who gave birth under the custody of USMS were shackled.

USMS responded to the claims by stating pregnant migrants are only shackled when deemed a flight risk or are considered a serious threat to themselves or others.

The OB-GYN, who spoke to Rewire.News on the condition of anonymity and is referred to in the report as Dr. Shelley, revealed she saw an increase in patients after Trump’s zero-tolerance policy went into effect and that many women are experiencing heavy and irregular bleeding and pelvic pain. As a result of the stress and trauma of being detained, some women have stopped menstruating altogether.

This investigation, which is the second in the series for this particular topic, is harrowing, to say the least. It’s a tough read emotionally, but it’s important that we know these women’s stories. Visit Rewire.News for more on this extensive and vital piece.

Also, click here to find out who represents you in your state and district. It’s important for all of us to speak up, make known our disgust with this situation and protest the hell out this gross injustice.