Nevada is The First State to Have An Majority Female Legislature

Last year’s midterm elections produced a female majority in the Nevada state legislature with women holding 50.8 percent of its 63 legislative seats, a first of its kind. Colorado also saw more women representing its legislature with more than 50 percent holding seats in its lower house chambers.

More Democratic women ran and won in state legislatures nationwide than Republican women in last year’s midterms. Democratic women currently hold 61 percent of state seats, while only 38 percent of those seats are held by Republican women.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Between the Trump Administration’s and conservative lawmakers attacks on women’s rights, there is so much negative news on women that I had to post this story from three months ago. I didn’t remember hearing about it because I was probably focused on some mess from the mainstream media and missed it.

When it comes to women, it doesn’t matter where we lean politically. We know how to work together to craft policy that brings about change, and unlike male politicians, don’t believe that compromise is a dirty word. While this story about Nevada’s legislature is fantastic, what we need is more women in politics to undo all of the damage that men have done to this country.