Slovakia Government Makes Little Gains Towards Gender Equality

Even after a full year with its first female president, Slovakia’s government has had very little gains towards gender equality. Not only did Parliamentary elections result in only 20% of female representation but, just days earlier, Parliament rejected the ratification of a treaty tackling domestic violence.

Currently, Slovakia ranks 26 out of 28 European Union countries in the Gender Equality Index by the European Institute for Gender Equality.

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, or BIRN, explains that while the power departments, interior and finance, are “in the hands of men,” women are making some important moves. 

Veronika Remisova became the leader of the centrist party, For the People or Zu Ludi, after the party's founder former President Andrej Kiska resigned due to a heart condition. Remisova is also Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Information for the new government.

Zu Ludi also brought in a female justice minister to the government, while anti-corruption party OLANO brought in a woman to be the country’s culture minister.

“If we get more strong female role models like this in politics, more educated and capable women will be motivated to join in too, and that is what we need,” said Viera Zuborova, political analyst at the Bratislava Policy Institute think tank to BIRN.

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Government led by a female president but small female representation