Slovakia Elects First Female President

Slovakia elected its first female President, 45-year-old lawyer Zuzana Caputova. She led an anti-corruption campaign and took 58.4%o of the vote in a runoff election. A liberal activist, Caputova supports gay rights, opposes a ban on abortion and successfully led a fight against a toxic waste dump in her hometown, for which she won an environmental prize.

She campaigned on the growing far-right extremism, transparency, and institutional reform. Caputova is a newcomer to the political world but was inspired to run after journalist Jan Kuciak was murdered. Kuciak had been investigating corruption within the Slovak government.

Her role consists of veto powers, appointing high-level government positions and is commander-in-chief of Slovakia’s military.

The Realist Woman's take:

So I'm only seven months behind with this story, but congrats to President Caputova and all of Slovakia! This kind of story, an important step for women, a woman making history and at the same time, completely underreported and under shared, is why this site exists.

Caputova, representing a new progressive party, stayed true to her values and won an election, despite the country being overwhelmingly Roman Catholic and conservative. That's a fete. Looking forward to keeping up with how she does.

Slovakia Elects First Female President