Black Women Appointed to Superior Court Judgeships

Two black women take Superior Court Judgeships in California. They are among the 11 new appointees, eight of them being women, appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Terrie E. Roberts, 54 years-old of San Diego County and Tricia J. Taylor 39 years-old of Los Angeles County join the 5% of black women who serve as trial court judges in California. According to, "only 19 out of the state's 58 counties have ever had black women superior court judges."

State president of Black Women Organized for Political Action Dezie Woods-Jones spoke to the LA Sentinel and said of the appointments of Roberts and Taylor were “significant” and “speak volumes.” She continued, "I am extremely pleased and excited that there are two new highly professional and qualified African-American Women judges appointed to the California Superior Court."

The Realist Woman's take:

Black women are rarely represented in positions of power and it's wonderful to see Governor Newsom including high qualified African American women to judgeships. I wrote about the Governor making black women a priority in two new laws he signed this year and these appointments continue to show his commitment to our community.

The Governor worked with state Senator Holly Mitchell to bring those two bills to life by making them law. As a result, California has now made it possible for students and employees to sue for discrimination of their ethnic hair, and there's now a mandate on new training for hospitals and clinics in an effort to address the high maternal mortality rate for black women. When black women are in positions of power, they use their platforms to create long-overdue change for black women and the community as a whole.

Black women appointed Superior Court Judgeships