The U.S. Rejected a UN Resolution on Women

The U.S. rejected a UN resolution on women, peace, and security with U.S. Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft telling the press the U.S. could not accept the resolution because it references “sexual and reproductive health.” She noted that the U.S. was also rejecting any “references to ‘safe termination of pregnancy’ or language that would promote abortion or suggest a right to abortion.”

According to a report from the Guardian, the Trump Administration may have violated U.S. federal law this past summer by circulating a letter to 70 countries, lobbying them to remove protections for “sexual and reproductive health” from the resolution on universal healthcare. 

Four high ranking U.S. senate democrats, including Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, drafted a letter to Ambassador Craft, stating they were “alarmed that your opposition to abortion care, as stated in the letter,  harms women and families, as well as endangers millions of women and girls.”

According to the senators, the letter “may violate may violate the Siljander amendment which prohibits the use of foreign assistance in lobbying ‘for or against’ abortion.’”

The agreement passed unanimously despite U.S. efforts to change it. 

The Realist Woman's take:

This is all about abortion. It always is with the Trump administration and conservatives in general. Forget that the UN resolution is talking about women's care, maternal care, STD's and miscarriage. All they want to do is obsess over how best to restrict women from receiving abortions. These people don't give a damn about life. If they did, they would care about a women's overall health.

They rejected the same language for a UN resolution that centered on defining rape as a weapon of war. As a result, there are fewer protections for women in conflict zones. Anyone with this kind of thinking should not be in a position to make decisions about anybody! Ever! It's crossing a line. But that's what this administration does best. They don't just cross a line, they pour lighter fluid on the line, and light that shit on fire. Well, it's too bad. The resolution passed, and they might have violated the law. 

U.S. rejects UN resolution on women