Study Finds Women with Heart Failure Lack Proper Treatment

A new study found that half of the women diagnosed with heart failure are not getting the right treatment. 

The University of Bergen in Norway conducted the study and revealed 50% of women who experience heart failure, do so because they have heart attacks, which can be treated. The other 50% of women experience heart failure because there is a lack of proper treatment on their high levels of blood pressure over time. When left untreated, the heart stiffens and currently, there is no effective treatment for those cases.

Factors such as smoking, obesity and high blood pressure after menopause increases a woman’s chances of heart issues and makes it more vulnerable to coronary disease. The estrogen in a woman’s body during that stage plays a role in heart failure because it prevents connective tissue in the heart from forming, which makes it harder for the heart muscle to pump.

University of Bergen professor Eva Gerdts analyzed the study and found heart disease to be one of the most common causes of death for women and reduces their quality of life. She concluded, “Medically speaking, we still do not know what the best treatment for heart attack or failure is for many women. It is an unacceptable situation.”

The Realist Woman’s take:

This story tells us the lack of treatment of high-blood pressure in women is causing their heart failure. Preventative care would take care of this but with millions of women lacking proper health insurance, preventative care is not a reality. 

Menopause is also a factor as the heart becomes more vulnerable to disease and should be viewed as an urgent issue in the lives of women during that stage. I agree with Professor Gerdts on the fact that doctors still don’t know how to best treat women for heart failure or heart attacks is unacceptable. We need more investment in women’s healthcare.

Study finds women with heart failure lack proper treatment