Women in Cuba Organize to Combat Domestic Violence

Women in Cuba are organizing to push for laws against domestic violence. The Associated Press recently published a story on this topic and revealed that women have organized through Cuba’s one-year old mobile internet and have for the first time, published statistics in gender-motivated killings.

The article goes into the rights women gained after Fidel Castro’s takeover in 1959 but makes note of Cuba’s patriarchal society and how that’s played out for women in the country. 

The Cuban government has been hesitant to acknowledge the violence against women in the country but recently released numbers on gender-motivated killings, numbers which only include women who women who died as a result of domestic violence. The numbers exclude women who were killed as a result of sex crimes. The government also released figures on domestic violence, revealing 26.6% of women have been abused in a year’s time. 

Women are taking ownership of resolving the problems they face in a very bold way. Read more on this story on AP News.