Women March Against Increasing Number of Femicides

Massive protests define the first months of this year, with women in Mexico and Ecuador rallying against the recent violence against women and girls in their countries. The protestors called on their governments to hold the perpetrators accountable for their violent acts and address the consequences of toxic masculinity. I

n Mexico City, thousands of women took to the streets to march and highlight the recent femicides, female homicides, and attempted kidnappings in the country. In January alone, 133 women were murdered and many others have been reported missing. They want President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to publicly address these issues, while Mexico City’s Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum stated that measures are being taken to combat harassment of women and girls at metro stations, where many kidnappings and attempted kidnappings take place.

The United Nations reports that nine women are victims of femicides every day in Mexico and six out of 10 women face harassment or attacks on public transportation. Last year, there were more than 850 femicides in Mexico. Ecuador had similar protests last November against the increasing number of femicides in their country, only to see a 22-year-old woman, who was four months pregnant, stabbed to death by her boyfriend. Less than a month later, a young woman out celebrating her birthday was drugged and brutally gang-raped by three men. These violent acts led to massive protests with feminist groups seeking justice for victims and asking their government to step in to protect women.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Women know, that if they want to live in a world where they are safe and can simply exist without fear of violence against them, they have to act. The first step is to get a massive number of women together to draw attention to these issues and demand their government step in and take measures to provide that safe space for them.

Obviously, the issue that really needs to be addressed here is toxic masculinity and the way that governments all around the world perpetuate this behavior. It is literally killing women and girls. This is under the umbrella of the patriarchy. Men control the world because they sit in high places and in the highest offices in just about every country in this world. We need more women in higher offices to address these issues with actual measures that provide consequences for perpetrators and maybe even some serious counseling and education to combatting this toxic behavior from men.

This world is built for men, protecting them when they’re wrong and shielding them from learning and growing from their bad behavior. I can honestly admit that I’ve enabled horrible behavior from men. Yes, women can be complicit in this too. But the point is if our culture and governments cared about the equality of women to men, then maybe we’d have less of this violence. Maybe if men knew how to express their anger and all of the bullshit they walk around with and keep inside, they would be less violent. Maybe if they knew, like I know, that women don’t exist to entertain them and respected them the way they respect their peers, maybe we wouldn’t have this violence. I don’t know.

What I do know is that what the women in the stories above went through was horrific, and all at the hands of men. Something can be done. I’m proud to see women putting themselves out there to shout from the rooftops that enough is enough.