Women Outnumber Men in Medical School

For the first time, women outnumber men in medical school. According to a new report from the Association of American Medical Colleges, women made up 50% of medical students in 2019, while men made up 49% of students. 

Overall, men still make up the majority of doctors with 64% dominating in the profession, as compared to 36% of women. A joint report between the AAMC and the American Medical Association found disparities among men in women in their chosen fields. 

Male doctors outnumber female doctors in the orthopedic, neurological and interventional radiology fields. Female doctors dominate in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, allergy and immunology. Fields with an equal amount of men and women include pathology, psychiatry, sleep medicine and preventive medicine. 

There’s also an age disparity among doctors with 80% of doctors age 65 or older in 2017 being men and 60% of younger doctors under the age of 35 being women.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Women surpassed men as students in medical school for the first time ever. It’s incredible. I specifically love the fact that 60% of doctors under age 35 are female. Women really are making their mark in the world of medicine and I hope this story inspires young girls who dream of being doctors. 

I noticed in the report that female doctors dominate in the fields that serve female patients, which makes sense because female doctors understand women's issues in a way that men cannot. But I'm sure that women in the fields that male doctors dominate are just as excellent as their male counterparts as women can do everything men can.