Women’s Magazines Closing Despite Progressive Slant

There’s a great piece in the Guardian about women’s magazines closing down at a time when women's voices are more progressive than ever. 

Writer Yomi Adegoke went into the history of women's mags, with its toxicity, reinforcement of white beauty standards, and blatant misogyny. But then came Teen Vogue, traditionally glossy with it's fashion trends and celebs, taking on progressive topics like politics and climate change. In turn, a new tone was set for others to follow.

As of late, women's magazines have prioritized women's issues and causes but circulations continue to drop dramatically. While many have closed down, some have instead settled for a digital presence. 

At one time, there was a space for many progressive digital publications and female blogs but many of them cease to exist today. I wrote for a piece for a popular feminist blog five years ago, only to find out that, like many others, it shut down. In her article, Adegoke makes note of the publications she used to write for that weren’t exempt from the same fate.

Whether it’s print or digital, women’s voices are struggling to be heard. Social media is responsible for giving women a new space to express themselves, and at the same time is taking up too much space for the traditional format of expression to breath.  

Read Adegoke’s piece on how real the struggle is for women’s magazines.