Black History Month in an Unchanging Present

Black History Month 2020……

At age 34, I still have so much to learn about those that came before me and that’s what I appreciate about Black History Month. I learn about black poets, writers and activists all throughout the year. But especially during this month, there is more of an intellectual curiosity from the public to learn about our history, with much of that information accelerated mostly through social media platforms.

With that said, while this month is about learning, appreciating and honoring our past, this country does so very little to acknowledge our present. During Black History Month, and like all other months, police brutality against black people is prevalent, the prison industrial complex continues to make a profit off of locking us away, the racial disparities within our healthcare system and careers are widely dismissed, and so on. 

Courageous leaders from the past are acknowledged, as they should be, but the systems that have suppressed us remain unchanged during this month and always. I have hope real systematic change will happen for us one day. Until then, this month is like every other.