Chicago and Detroit Believe Serial Killers Behind the Deaths of Women

The cities of Chicago and Detroit both believe they have serial killers on the loose.

Chicago Police found similarities between 51 unsolved murders since 2001, with the most recent murder having taken place in September 2018. All of the victims were women, all were strangled, most were found outside in a public space and 76 percent of the victims were black.

Local Representative Bobby Rush made a request to the FBI to investigate the cases. Police believe the killer targeted local sex workers and drug addicts. The city’s backlog of DNA kits may reveal the killer’s identity.

Detroit Police also believe a serial killer is behind its recent slayings of three women in the area. Police Chief James Craig announced the arrest of a person of interest but have not released any information since. Police say the killer may be well known to the homeless in the area.

The women were all discovered in vacant houses on the east side of Detroit. Chief Craig believes the women were lured into the houses where they were raped and killed and suspects at least two of the women were sex workers.

The city’s Mayor Mike Dugan revealed police have been inspecting hundreds of vacant homes in search for the killer. About 18,000 vacant homes have been demolished since 2014, with another 18,000 homes to go. Dugan said taking down these homes is absolutely critical.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Race, poverty, and violence against women are the major themes of these stories. Most of the slain victims were black and most were sex workers. When black women or women in the sex trade are missing and murdered, there is a lack of apathy and urgency from law enforcement and the public.

Women in the sex trade aren’t risking their lives because it's glamorous. Many are forced in the industry against their own free will and for those that choose sex work, they are in desperate situations.

Another theme these stories reveal is the lack of funding for city services. Chicago, whose serial killer has been on the loose for 18 years, won’t know who they’re looking for until they test their backlog of DNA test kits. Detroit, on the other hand, is overwhelmed by the number of vacant properties it needs to demolish, about 18,000 to be exact. The city’s recent slain victims were discovered in the properties and law enforcement is working to inspect thousands of homes in an effort to catch its killer.

These cities can’t serve their citizens and protect them because they either don’t have the money or it’s been grossly misappropriated.