Five Women-Owned Texas-Based Companies Among Top 50 Fastest Growing Women’s Businesses

There’s a cool story coming out of Texas where five of 2019’s 50 fastest growing female-owned and led companies, according to American Express and the Women President’s Organization, are all Dallas-Fort Worth-based.

These women are among the 50 companies that have generated $3.8 billion in revenue and have employed more than 17,000 people. To qualify for the 13th annual list of the fastest-growing female-owned and led companies, the businesses are required to be privately held and must have reached $500,000 in revenue as of 2015 and every subsequent year.

The average age of honorees was age 50, about 94% of businesses provide health insurance, 74% started with their own funds, about 56% do business globally and 68% do business with the government. The women on the list in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas include Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School which ranked 6th, Vanessa Ogle of Enseo ranked 32nd, Merrilee Kick of BuzzBallz ranked 39th, Claudia Mirza of Akorbi ranked 40th and Katie Anderson of Save Water Co. ranked 46th.

The rankings are from data collected from 2019, and like many businesses globally, the women on this list have shifted from solely focusing on their products and services to contribute to the essential needs surrounding the current pandemic, as mentioned by Vice President and General Manager of Marketing Strategy, Content and Experiences at American Express in a statement. “Not only do women-owned businesses fuel the economy with trillions of dollars in revenue and millions of jobs they provide, many have also pivoted their offerings and business strategies to provide essential services and accommodate their employees, which has proven to be vital for navigating the pandemic.”

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