France Drafts Law Allowing IVF Treatments for Single Women and Lesbians

France has proposed a new law that would give lesbians and single women access to IVF treatments. The current law is limited to heterosexual couples. The bill would mandate the country’s national healthcare system to pay for four rounds of IVF for all women and would also abolish laws protecting the identity of sperm donors for children who want to know their biological father’s name.

LGBT groups have been lobbying for this law since the legalization of gay marriage in 2013. France’s parliament will take up the bill next month.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Prior to this proposed law, gay and single women in France had to travel outside of their country for IVF treatments. Approximately 18 of the European Union’s 28 countries offer assisted reproduction for lesbians and single women. I tend to think of France as a liberal country so this news was surprising to me. To legally impede single women and lesbians from receiving help in conceiving children is absolutely awful.

On this issue, reproductive freedom for single and gay women wasn’t inclusive due to the country’s archaic belief that without a man, a woman and her rights don’t exist. Her own identity is up for scrutinization and discrimination. It’s shameful but at least they are trying to right their wrongs with this law.