Ireland to Create Women Only Professor Jobs

Ireland announced it’s plan to combat the gender-gap in college teaching jobs by creating women-only professor positions. The goal is to guarantee 40 percent of the professor jobs are held by women by the year 2024.

A gender equality task force report revealed that only 24 percent of professor jobs are held by women in the country. Ireland’s Minister for Higher Education said this plan would “underpin the transformation and cultural change” that Ireland’s higher education needs to “fully realize the benefits of gender diversity.”

Over the next three years, the project ensures 45 academic jobs for women and 10 percent of grant funding for a University or technology institute’s response to the gender gap.

The Realist Woman’s take:

It’s refreshing to see a government take serious steps towards confronting gender inequality. It’s important to see and hear women’s voices in Academia. I know how valuable women are in higher education due to my own college experience. Their insights, intellect, and skills are as impressive as any male professors’ is.

I do think it’s kind of sad that Ireland’s government had to, in a way, force gender equality into higher education, but nothing was going to change had they not taken this step. For some reason, those of us here in the U.S. think that we are so far ahead of other countries when it comes to gender equality, but only about 32 percent of our professors are women. We all have work to do. At least Ireland is walking the walk to ensure equality.

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