Jamaican Women’s Soccer Team Take ‘No Pay, No Play’ Stance in Protest for Full Salary

The Jamaican women’s soccer team has decided to go on strike after working nine months without pay. The women started a “No pay, no play” campaign on social media to bring awareness to their fight for pay, and have refused to attend training camp and an Olympic qualifying event until the Jamaican Football Federation pays them in full.

The team made history as the first Caribbean team to play the Women’s World Cup. Goalkeeper Nicole Mclure told ThinkProgress that the sacrifice the team is making is worth it because enough is enough. “The culture of this organization has been corrupt for years now. We’re sick of being taken advantage of.”

The Jamaican Football Federation said the women haven’t been paid because they are waiting on the prize money from the Women’s World Cup to pay them. But Mclure rejects that excuse, saying their contract has nothing to do with the prize money. According to McClure, the team doesn’t make enough money to survive on their own and are paid well below the last player on the men’s team.

The Realist Woman’s take:

It would be an understatement to say the Jamaican women's soccer team has been unfairly treated. To work for nine months without full payment of their salaries is criminal. I commend their stance to stand up for themselves with this strike and I hope it all works out in their favor. 

Women's soccer doesn't get the same treatment and respect from Soccer Federations all around the world. The U.S. women's soccer team won the whole damn Women's World Cup and they continue to fight for equal pay against the U.S. Soccer Federation. It's such a shame that no matter how much you accomplish as a woman, your work and skills are dismissed. While the gender-discrimination women's soccer continues to face is nauseating,  I have hope that the sacrifices these teams are making will change the system for future generations of female athletes.