Levis and Wrangler Sign Agreement to End Sexual Violence Against Female Employees

The companies behind Levi, Wrangler and The Children’s Place have signed an agreement to protect their female workers from sexual abuse. Women working in the factories of the tiny southern African nation of Lesotho have been forced into sexual activity with supervisors to keep their jobs.

The agreement, signed along with Taiwan based textile manufacturer Nien Hsing, two women’s rights groups and five labor unions, assures enforcement of Lesotho laws against sexual coercion and other violations. Nien Hsing will survey the working conditions of employees by interviewing workers and managers to assure no occurrences of retaliation for complaints made.

If anyone violates the agreement, they will be forced to reduce production until compliance is reinstated.

The Realist Woman’s take:

There are too many stories about the dangers women face working in factories. As a consumer, we tend to forget about the people who make the clothes or products we purchase and the terrible conditions they work under. 

It’s encouraging to hear that corporations are taking responsibility for the terrifying abuse their employees face. It’s only right for them to address and confront this abuse and take action against the perpetrators. If one party violates the agreement of protections for employees, their production is reduced and their business suffers. It should always cost a company if its employees faced the dangers these women face.