Epstein’s Female Associates Should Not Be Exempted From Prosecution

When the news story broke of pedophile and rapist Jeffrey Epstein’s first attempt at suicide, I knew he wouldn’t last long. I knew the coward was going to take himself out. And when he did, I knew he was allowed to take his life. He knew too much and would have had to bring down a plethora of high-powered men from every area of the globe. He would have also have had to face the many women, many underage girls at the time of the crimes, that he raped and sold to the highest bidders.

These survivors were robbed of not only taking Epstein down with their testimonies, but they will also never see him suffer the consequences of his actions. One sliver of hope for these survivors is possibly seeing Epstein’s female associates charged as accomplices in his sex ring.

Epstein was surrounded by loyal female employees who acted as pimps in the trafficking of young girls. His closest confidant and was Ghislaine Maxwell. She was sort of the Madame of the operation and managed the women recruiting the girls. These recruiters kept the names and numbers of soon to be underage female victims and scheduled them for sex with Epstein. Other associates scheduled the travel and lodging and may have been forced to take part in sexual acts. Prosecutors are trying to decide whether they can charge Epstein’s former female employees.

It’s all so twisted. But it reminds us that women can be just as complicit as men are in the exploitation of girls and women. And his death should not exempt those who helped during his reign of sexual violence against underage girls. 

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