No Country Achieves Gender Equality by 2030, New Report Says

According to a new report, no country will have achieved gender equality by the year 2030. The report considered 95 percent of the world’s female population and assessed countries based on 51 factors that included political representation, healthcare, education, work, and gender-based violence.

The survey rated each country from zero to 100 and placed Denmark, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, and Canada in the top 10 of countries that have achieved the most gender equality.

The countries with the least amount of gender equality are all in Africa. The report found 1.4 billion girls are living in countries failing to achieve gender equality. The United States of America ranked 28th on the list.

The Realist Woman’s take:

The countries in the top 10 of the index were in the 80 point range in the survey’s measurement of gender equality.

I have to mention, Canada included in the top countries achieving gender equality makes me think the neglected, missing and murdered indigenous women of Canada were not included in consideration for gender equality policies when vetting this country. They do represent a small percentage of women in the country, about four percent to be exact, but a recent report has just labeled the crisis as genocide. Something tells me their ranking won’t last for the next report.

Regarding this story in general, at least significant progress has been made in some countries for women, but more needs to be done. The U.S. ranking 28th is pathetic. Our anti-abortion laws, a lack of healthcare for women, a lack of equal pay and the maternal mortality rates should have ranked us lower than we are.