Singapore Sees Increase in Digital Sexual Abuse Cases

Singapore has seen an increase in the number of digital sexual abuse cases, which has tripled in the last year. According to data collected from gender equality advocacy group AWARE, there were 124 cases of digital sexual abuse in Singapore, up from 46 in 2016.

Last year, half of these cases reported involved illicit filming, upskirting and distribution of nude photos. In May, Parliament passed laws criminalizing online sexual abuse including voyeurism and cyber flashing among other forms of abuse.

Law Minister K. Shanmugam said the reforms would help ensure Singapore would be a “safe home” for women.

The Realist Woman’s take:

There was a high profile case of upskirting in Singapore this year where a 23 year-old woman was filmed showering in a University door. She said the incident traumatized her, something she describes as “a case of sexual assault even though there’s no physical contact.” 

She’s spot on. Digital sexual abuse is traumatic for victims. There’s the violation of unsolicited images and videos of your nude body being taken or recorded in the first place, then you have to deal with those images and videos being distributed to God knows where on the internet. As this victim puts it, it’s a lifelong trauma because there’s no control over where these images have gone.

The reasons as to why the number of cases in Singapore have increased vary, but this issue is another example of toxic male behavior. They feel entitled to women’s bodies without consent and are usually not held accountable for their actions.

There’s been an uptick in online sexual abuse claims globally and until laws are not only created but are also enforced, this is a problem that is going to remain just that. Women deserve privacy and protection online. They deserve privacy and protection everywhere.

Singapore sees an increase in digital sexual abuse cases