School Holds Sexist Leadership Events

A South Carolina school district has apologized for holding sexist events for boys and girls. 

The details of each event show Pickens Elementary School's bias towards the boys. Their event was deemed a "summit," required them to wear collared shirts and ties and featured male mentors from the community. 

The girls wore T-shirts to their event, which was considered a "retreat" and they met with high school cheerleaders. The goal of the events were to teach students about leadership and character.

There was an outcry on social media with school officials being accused of sexism. The school released a statement saying they didn’t intentionally try to send a message that students should “display traits or pursue goals based on gender.”

The Realist Woman’s take:

I will admit that we live in a time of extreme political correctness and that we've exhausted the word outrage or outraged. But on this issue, parents had the right to be upset. School officials in this story were ridiculously tone deaf to the sexism displayed by their decisions.

First off, nothing against cheerleaders. They know a thing or two about being hard working athletes, disciplined in what they do and know the importance of being team players. But, I'm sure there were plenty of female mentors that could have talked to the girls about leadership and character. Something tells me the boys event was all about leadership, while the girls event focused on character. Typical.

Secondly, why weren't these girls encouraged to where something a little more formal like the boys were instructed to? And then calling the girls event a retreat? For what? So they could go to the spa? I mean come on! Their event was clearly not taken as seriously as the boys'.

With all that said, I’m glad the school was called out and hopefully learn from this incident. Inequality is not something girls should have to face ever, let alone in school.

School Holds Sexist Leadership Events