The Baltimore Museum of Art Only Buying Women’s Art in 2020

The Baltimore Museum of Art recently announced it will only buy women’s art in 2020, as part of their BMA 2020 Initiative. According to the museum's Director Christopher Bedford, the "2020 Vision is just an extension of a code of ethics that has been deeply embedded within the museum."

The BMA will feature 20 exhibitions by a wide range of female artists, including Grace Hartigan, Georgia O'Keeffe and many others, as decided by the Museum’s female leadership. It’s board of trustees is chaired by Clair Zamoiski Segal and Asma Naeem is its Chief Curator.

Currently, only 4% of the museum’s collection feature female artists.

The Realist Woman’s take:

This is the way to support female artists. Men have always dominated the arts and will continue to if we don’t consider female artists’ work. It's encouraging to know Baltimore’s museum will use their $20 million budget to invest in women over the next year.

The Baltimore Museum of Art Only Buying Women's Art for 2020