Study Finds Female Donors Give More to Women’s Causes

A new study found high net-worth female donors give more to women’s foundations and funds versus that of general donors. Female donors gave about $48,000 to women’s causes in 2017 while general donors gave $30,000. The study also found female donors give for a longer period of time with 58% having given for at least a decade compared to 41% of general donors. According to the findings, the largest disparity between female and general donors was in the area of nonprofit boards, with three-quarters of female donors sitting on the boards of compared to 23% of general donors. Donors for women’s funds were found to most likely be women and LGBTQ individuals. In a press release announcing the study’s findings, lead researcher Dr. Elizabeth J. Dale stated, “We know that investing in women and girls leads to lasting change in communities. This research can help continue to drive funding for gender equity and provide a model for other identity-based causes.” The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded the study and was conducted by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University. The Realist Woman’s take: Women invest in women. We believe in each other and work hard to pay it forward. Many of us have been blessed with the experience of having a female mentor or a woman in our field who believed in us. We don’t forget those women, so when we find success and even on the way there, it becomes a priority to help other women and girls. As women, we are extremely aware of the inequality we face and work to make the pathway for the next generation a smoother one. These female donors in the study are high earning and it's encouraging to find out successful women are putting their money where their mouth is. They don’t just talk about female empowerment, they are using their dollars to make that movement known.