Utah Ranked the Worst State for Women’s Equality

A new study ranked Utah as being the worst state for women’s equality. Personal finance company WalletHub conducted the study and evaluated each state by its workplace environment, healthcare, education, and political empowerment. The study rated each state by a points system and revealed a 50 point gap between Utah, which received 25 points and the state ranked best for women’s equality, Maine with 76 points. Idaho came in as the second-worst state for women’s equality. 

Both Utah and Idaho have no female representation on the federal level, though about 31% of women represent Idaho’s state legislature and only 24% of women representing Utah’s state body. The state has the largest gap between women and men in its unemployment rate, work hours and opportunities for higher education. Utah also ranked 49th for the biggest gap in earnings and political representation.

But the tide may be turning for Utah, with this year seeing more women running for political office in and around the state. Two women are in the running for Mayor in Salt Lake City and voters will choose between two female candidates for a congressional seat in Utah’s 1st congressional district.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Oh, Utah. What can I say? This story didn’t surprise me. It is very much a state where people tend to be “traditional.” Men run the show and that is proven through their lack of political diversity and the pay gap amongst other areas. 

As stated in the story above, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel for Utah. Women are running for, and will most likely win political office. Real change in their traditionally male-dominated culture will start with women holding office. Women in positions of leadership and authority, tend to prioritize women’s needs and promote each other. The women of Utah could use the support.