Women’s Equality Day

In an earlier story on Women’s Equality Day, I promised I would publish a story with a compilation of some of the best articles I found commemorating this day.

Space.com published an article on Astronaut Christina Koch celebrating Women’s Equality Day and the female astronauts that paved the way for her. Koch, who is in the middle of a year-long spaceflight, her first, is anticipated to make history as NASA’s first woman to spend the most amount of time on a single mission. She is expected to surpass the current record of 289 days, set by veteran astronaut Peggy Whitson in 2017.

What I like about this article from Marketwatch.com is that it encourages readers to be proactive in helping to advance women’s equality in the workplace. Some of their suggestions on how to achieve workplace equality include making men allies in supporting policies like pay equity and paid parental leave which benefits both men and women, women using evaluation meetings to promote their skills, value, and potential to "reduce the bias on how promotions are rewarded," as well as forming alliances with other women and taking on leadership positions to make an impact on women's pay. 

The Glowup revealed how Mattel honored Women’s Equality Day. The company released Barbie doll’s in the likeness of groundbreaking women in history and includes civil rights icon Rosa Parks, pioneering astronaut Sally Ride, pilot Amelia Earhart, artist Frida Kahlo, and mathematician for NASA, "Hidden Figure" Katherine Johnson. The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development teamed up with the Barbie Dream Gap Project to create the dolls.

These articles educate, inspire and hopefully encourage participation in the fight for women's equality.