Women Donate Millions of Dollars to Support Female College Sports

According to the New York Times, former female athletes are donating millions of dollars to support female sports at their alma maters. Due to the lack of marketing and sponsorships for female sports, women have stepped up as benefactors to build facilities, endow scholarships and support coaching positions.

The funds are needed as participation in women’s college sports has outnumbered men’s sports within the last two decades. According to the NCAA, women’s NCAA’s teams increased by 64% in 2017. About 51% of personal wealth in the United States comes from women and they are earmarking that money towards colleges. 

At Indiana University, half of philanthropic funding for athletics comes from women, while Drake University saw board of trustee member Suzie Glazer Burt give the school it’s largest noncapital donation to the women’s basketball program. CTO of Bank of America Cathy Bassant gave Queens University $1 million for its $2.4 million field hockey house. 

The Realist Woman’s take:

Women tend to put their money where their mouth is and have made supporting women a priority when it comes to giving back. With more women participating in sports, its vital that they are supported so they can thrive.

Women are worthy of the investments they receive and it’s encouraging to know that the slack is picked up by those who can afford to give back in a major way.