Women’s Clinics Closures Linked to Increase in Cervical Cancer Mortality

As women’s clinics have closed in recent years, the chances of cervical cancer mortality have increased by 36%. Researchers have found a link between clinic closures and survivorship.

“There was a relative reduction of women undergoing screening, which led to a reduction in diagnosis, less early diagnosis, more late-stage disease, and more death,” said study author Dr. Amar Srivastava at an annual meeting for the American Society for Radiation Oncology.

Dr. Srivastava cited the closing of women’s clinics to limited funding for Title X, as well as the trend of states across the country limiting reproductive services. Dr. Geraldine Jacobson from West Virginia University’s Department of Radiology and Oncology in Morgantown called the study “thought-provoking” due to its data on “how a lack of access to screening has led to increased mortality.”

She also acknowledged how legislation as of late has led to “downstream health effects” on cervical cancer survival rates. Researchers say the women most affected by the closures were Hispanic women, young women and the uninsured.

The Realist Woman’s take:

According to doctors, cervical cancer in its early stages is survivable. But without women being able to get access to screenings, many will die. Literally, the limitations on Title X’s funding is sure to kill women across this country.

This is incredibly frustrating and depressing. You have politicians who believe in religion more than they believe in helping their constituents. They think nothing of closing women’s clinics when 90% of what they do is screening for cervical cancer, mammograms, and STDs. According to Vice, clinics that don't even offer abortions are closing. Women’s clinics perform good works every day, while our politicians…..do what exactly? Oh yea, hurt women. It’s a damn shame. I’ve said this before, it’s a fight they will lose. But by then, how many women will have died when they didn’t have to?