Report Says Marijuana Use Among Bisexual Women is Seven Times Higher Than Straight Women

A Columbia University study found marijuana use among bisexual women is seven times higher than that of straight women. According to the survey, 40% of bisexual women use marijuana versus that of 26% of gay women and only 10% of straight women.

Researchers speculate bisexual women use marijuana more regularly to self-medicate due to the stigma they face in society. In a press release, study author Dr. Morgan Philbin said this trend is part of a larger health burden as “bisexual women are twice as likely co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders yet often have little contact with service providers.”

More than 125,000 adults participated in the survey from the 2015-2017 national survey on drug use and health in the U.S.

The Realist Woman’s take:

This story brings to light bisexual women’s struggle to belong. This feeling of isolation has led them to turn to marijuana to hopes of filling an internal void. When pot use among bisexual women is seven times higher than that of straight women, it’s clear that something profound is going on.

The survey found that in the states where marijuana is legal, use among bisexual women was higher versus the pot use of bisexual sexual women in states where it wasn’t legal. This is a story about the alienation of a large group of women in our society, a lack of mental health care for these women and marijuana being used as self-medication as a result. Women's rights and a right to health care apply to bisexual women. And while I'm for pot being legal, women need more than pot to cope with life's struggles.