Women’s March Organization Plan to Protest Filling of Supreme Court Seat

woman sign at protest

The Women’s March organization is planning a “socially distant march” to protest Trump filling the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat with his nominee of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. The organization announced the event on their Instagram, saying the march will “send a clear message that we will not allow Trump and the GOP to endanger our lives any longer.”

The main event will take place Saturday, October 17, starting at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., and ending at the Supreme Court. They estimate 10,000 will join in the D.C. march. According to the organization, 30 other cities will participate in holding their own events.

Executive Director of the Women’s March Rachel O’Leary Carmona said of the event, “This march is different, but the stakes are the same, and that’s everything for women…our health, our family, our wellness. Our stakes have become higher and higher.”

She went on to say the rally is part of a broader focus to become an organization more responsive and flexible to “meet the political moment.” The organization’s march usually takes place every January since the day after Trump’s inauguration in 2016.

The Realist Woman’s take:

According to news reports, the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last wish was that her seat would not be filled until a new president was in power. Ofcourse Republicans could give a damn about that and have plans to replace her with a woman who is against women and women’s rights but has obviously benefited from the cause.

It’s important that whatever plans are in place to fill this seat, women have to make their voices heard and so I’m glad the Women’s March is coming together to give us that opportunity. Also, I like the idea of The Women’s March organization being more flexible to “meet the political moment.” With all that’s going on in this country, we need more than one march a year.