Women’s Sex Toy Company Sues New York MTA for Blocking Ads

The New York Metro is currently being sued by a women-owned women's sex toy company for refusing to advertise the company’s products. The company, Dame, is accusing the MTA of violating their right to free speech, due process, and equal protection by making the decision to not display their ads.

In their lawsuit, Dame claims they’ve been in negotiations with the MTA since July 2018 and took into account the metro’s suggestions on revisions to their ads. The MTA rejected their ads, saying their policy prohibits any advertisement that promotes a “sexually oriented business” and that sex toys for any gender fall into that category.

Dame claims they weren’t expecting to be rejected after they had spent $150,000 revising their ads per the suggestions and recommendations from MTA. In response to Dame’s claims, MTA said their advertising “is in no way gender-based or viewpoint discriminatory.”

Buzzfeed News has a pretty detailed report on this issue and noted that while the MTA claims they won’t run ads promoting a sexually oriented business, they have advertised erectile dysfunction medication, libido medication for women, the Museum of Sex and breast augmentation, among others.

Buzzfeed also mentioned a former incident involving the MTA and the proposed advertisements of products by Thinx, the company that sells the period-proof underwear. The advertising agency MTA uses called Thinx’s ads “inappropriate,” and only ran the ads after a public outcry.

Give this article a read. It’s full of issues confronting sexism, gender inequality, free speech, what Dame calls “closing the pleasure gap,” and more.