New Blood Test Possibly Detects Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer

A new blood test could possibly detect early-stage ovarian cancer. Swedish scientists developed the test which is less invasive than surgery and currently the only way to produce a diagnosis. Studies so far suggest the test can rule out women who have abnormalities within their ultrasound scans but do not have the disease, thus preventing them from having to go through an operation to find out the same information.

Researcher and Professor from Uppsala University in Sweden Ulf Gyllenstensaid said the results are promising enough to consider screening for early discovery of ovarian cancer. “I see great prospects of developing a strategy for screening ovarian cancer, which could save lives and minimize the need for surgery to rule out cancer.”

Women over the age of 50, or with a family history of ovarian or breast cancer are most at risk for the disease. Also, those suffering from endometriosis have an increased chance of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The Realist Woman’s take:

Scientific research is everything. Women have had to go through painful procedures, only to find out they don’t have the disease. I think most women will happily go through temporary pain just to hear good news on their results. But to have an option of a painless procedure like a blood test to give you news of a diagnosis or not is nothing short of amazing.

So far, studies on this test look promising and hopefully, this is the way of the future. I also hope that if this test works, governments all around the world invest in women’s healthcare.