Canada to Pledge $3B to Educating Women and Girls

During this year’s G-7 Summit, Canada announced plans to donate $3 billion dollars towards girls education around the world. The money will go towards the world’s poorest girls and women, with Japan, the UK, the World Bank and the EU continuing to pledge funds to the cause.

According to a statement provided by the Canadian government, this pledge is the “single largest investment in education for women and girls in crisis and conflict situations.” The money could educate about eight million girls.

A new report from The World Bank recently found that girls who do not complete their education, costs the world up to $30 trillion in lost earnings and productivity. Currently, more than 132 million girls are out of school on a global scale.

The report also revealed that if every girl finished school, some of the positive impacts of that education include lifetime earnings for women would increase to $30 trillion from its current $15 trillion annually, there would be a reduction in child marriage, lower fertility rates in countries with high populations and reduced child mortality and malnutrition.

Down the line, girls who finish secondary school less likely to experience domestic violence and are more likely to have children who are healthy and will also receive an education.

The Realist Woman’s take:

I think the information in this article says it all. The benefits to girls receiving an education are limitless. For a girl to become and be able to take care of herself and family through an education is priceless. This investment is well worth it.

Many girls in countries around the world are not encouraged to go to school and instead are married at extremely young ages. The Chibok school girls of Nigeria were kidnapped by Islamic extremists Boko Haram because the threat of girls getting an education was all too real. We still don’t know the whereabouts of most of those girls four years after the kidnapping.

In many cases, families can’t afford for their girls to go to school and unfortunately, in some societies, menstruation will force girls to miss out on classes. They have no education on sexual health and hygiene and can’t afford menstrual pads when they hit puberty. The girls are usually shunned from going to school that week, thus making them fall behind on getting their education which is vital to their lives.

I’m all for this money going to those girls who are most in need of an education and a life change.