Public Breastfeeding Finally Legal in all 50 States

Breastfeeding is now legal in all 50 states. Idaho and Utah recently signed bills legalizing breastfeeding in public, making them the last two states to do so. Republican Congressman Paul Amador of Idaho sponsored his state’s bill, which passed in March and only recently went into effect.

While on the House floor, Amador spoke of his disappointment in Idaho’s delay of passing such a law and encouraged his state to “take a proactive stance through legislation to promote the natural bond and health benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child.”

Utah Republican Rep. Curt Webb took issue with whether or not the language in the law specified if a mother was to cover up while breastfeeding. The wording was altered and the legislation was passed in January of this year. The bill’s sponsor Republican Justin Fawson said mothers should feel comfortable breastfeeding anywhere they want. He challenged colleagues asking when was the last time they had a meal in the bathroom. “I would probably say never. It’s not a very comfortable place to hang out.”

The Realist Woman’s take:
I know I’m not the only one who was shocked to find out that all 50 states had not already legalized public breastfeeding up until this point. Just this summer, Trump administration officials at the World Health Organization Assembly wanted to dismiss language in a breastfeeding resolution that called on governments to protect and promote breastfeeding and encouraged policymakers “to restrict promotion of unhealthy food products,” according to the Atlantic. Ecuador was prepared to introduce the measure but was threatened by Trump officials with sanctions on trade and aid. Russia went ahead and introduced the resolution, thus preventing Ecuador from being punished.

Who does this? Oh, people who are probably being paid by infant-formula lobbyists. Ofcourse the Trump administration denied being “anti-breastfeeding” with the Health and Human Services spokesperson dismissing the whole ordeal with Ecuador and saying that officials were trying to protect women’s choices on the issue of nutrition for their babies. That’s a load of bull. I can smell infant-formula and dairy lobbyists in this story from a mile away.

There should be no debate on women breastfeeding in public. Period. Babies are hungry. They need food. Maybe if this country thought of breasts as being more than fun bags in place of what they actually are, which is one of the most necessary food supplies in the world, we wouldn’t have to pass laws making nature legal.