Afghan Women’s Rights Journalist Murdered

Afghan journalist Mena Mangal was shot and killed only days after she said her life was in danger. The women’s rights activist was on her way to work in Kabul when the murder took place.

It’s suspected that more than one assailant carried out the killing but so far, no one has claimed responsibility. Mangal was a high-profile broadcast journalist and worked as a cultural adviser in Afghanistan’s parliament.

She was an advocate of girls education and women’s right to work. Her stance led to threats which she’d recently shared with her followers on her Facebook page.

Officials from the interior ministry said the murder is under investigation.

The Realist Woman’s take:

This woman had courage. In a country like Afghanistan, named one of the worst countries for women, it takes courage to advocate for women’s rights. It’s not out of the ordinary for something like this to happen to any female journalist, activist, politician, professor, etc. in this country. This isn’t the first time a professional woman was ultimately silenced for threatening an entire power structure simply by being an educated woman with a voice. And unfortunately, I don’t believe it’ll be the last time.

Journalists all over the world pay the ultimate price for doing their jobs investigating crimes against humanity and daring to hold the powerful accountable for their actions.

To support the protection of journalists, visit the Reporters Without Borders site. There you’ll find news and on the latest crimes against journalists globally, which countries are presently censoring information and what you can do to support this cause.