Boko Haram Attacks

Once again Boko Haram militants have caused hell on earth for innocent civilians, burning dozens of children alive after a firebombing. The terrorist attack took place at Dalori Village in the Northeastern part of Nigeria and included additional killings by three female suicide bombers. During the three hour massacre, militants used machine guns to murder those still alive, and then set the village ablaze.

Reportedly more than 65 people have been killed and about 135 injured in the attacks. These numbers are not definite and could rise. The chief of Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency revealed that some women may have been kidnapped.

This wouldn’t be the first kidnapping by the group, as they are known for the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls in April of 2014. It is suspect that the group has married off the girls to its militants and have used them to commit terrorist acts in Nigeria. This may have been the case last November when it was reported that two bombings at a popular market was committed by two female suicide bombers, including an 11 year old.The bombings killed more than 40 people.

Think Progress recently cited a report by the Global Terrorism Index that names Boko Haram as being the deadliest terrorist group in the world. They have killed more people than ISIS.

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