Hawaii Latest State to Enact Equal Pay Bill

Hawaii recently signed an Equal Pay Bill, prohibiting employers from seeking a job applicant’s wage history as part of the employment process or compensation offer. The bill also protects employees from wage secrecy and retaliation against employees who inquire, discuss or disclose wages with their co-workers.

The state follows California, Massachusetts, Oregon and Delaware who have also passed Equal Pay laws. This bill helps to prevent the pay discrimination towards women who have been historically paid lower wages than men, with salary histories that reflect the pay disparity, thus reinforcing the unfortunate wage gap.

The Realist Woman’s take:

While the states mentioned above have moved in the right direction for women, too many states are behind in protecting working women. A law like the Equal Pay Bill makes a tremendous difference in the lives of women, giving them opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have had if not for this law. It’s always pathetic when it takes a law to force equality on behalf of anyone. I hope to see more states getting on board.