Entire Female Staff of Vatican Women’s Magazine Resign Over Censorship Claims

The founder and entire female staff of a Vatican’s women’s magazine resigned in opposition to Vatican officials attempting to take control over the publication. Officials are being accused of censorship and trying to discredit the magazine over its accusations of the sexual abuse of nuns by clergymen.

Women Church World, the monthly magazine that ran alongside the Vatican’s newspaper L’Osservatore, was founded and ran by journalist and professor Lucia Scaraffia. In a letter to Pope Francis, she’s accused L’Osservatoer’s new editor Andrea Monda of planning to take over the magazine, limiting autonomy, reducing the women to silence and alleged an “attempt to return to the antiquated and arid custom of decisions from above, under direct male control.”

In a statement, Monda denied all allegations against him and said the staff continued to have complete autonomy and the same freedom the magazine has always had and added he only made suggestions.

In her letter, Scaraffia went on to explain the staff’s exodus saying, “We are throwing in the towel because we feel surrounded by a climate of distrust and progressive de-legitimization. She claimed there was an effort to, “obscure our words, delegitimizing us as part of the Holy See’s communications.”

In the last year, the Vatican has seen at least five members of its Communications Department turn in their resignations, including its previous editor of L’Osservatore, its Communications Secretary and the Vatican's spokesman.

The Realist Woman’s take:

What these women experienced was an attempt at a hostile takeover in retaliation for exposing the truth about Nun’s being raped by priests. These survivors have had abortions and have given birth to children from as a result of the rapes and this story needed to be told. The abuse of power within the Catholic church is systematic and makes these men feel like Gods rather than serving the God they claim to love. These men are rapists and pedophiles who have absolutely no business being near people in general nor should they be allowed to keep up this facade of representing God. 

I am so proud of these women for taking a stand and refusing to allow these monsters to silence them, discredit them, dismiss them and control them. Amen.